Apple Music Will Be Fine

I agree a lot with this very critical piece on Apple Music’s launch at the WWDC keynote.

What it overlooks, however, is the main feature that I think people are going to care about, which is the fact that you’ll now have full, unrestricted access to everything in the Apple Music Library.


It’s just a ridiculous amount of music. No more having artists pull their content constantly, like on Spotify (or having them not put it there in the first place). Apple just has way more music; it’s that simple.

I completely agree with the playlist thing, and that the Connect thing might not work out, but if you notice how Apple handles iTunes, they’re constantly changing it. They’ll learn, and they’ll adapt.

I think Apple Music will be just fine. They will dominate by providing all the world’s music for $10/month, and the playlist game will come shortly after.

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