AI’s Threat to Newsletters


AI-driven newsletters are almost here. As artificial intelligence improves, it poses a significant threat to the traditional newsletter format. In particular, three types of newsletters are at risk: raw collectors, curation and comment newsletters, and idea-based newsletters.

Raw collectors are the most vulnerable. These newsletters simply gather a large number of links and present them to readers with minimal context or commentary. As AI becomes more sophisticated, it will be able to perform this task more efficiently and effectively than humans, rendering raw collectors obsolete within a matter of months.

AI’s rapid advancement has already begun to outpace human curation abilities.

Curation and comment newsletters are the next in line. These newsletters select a few noteworthy items to highlight and provide a custom summary for each. While this format requires a higher level of AI sophistication to execute, that level of technology is quickly approaching. Within six months to a year, these newsletters will face serious competition from AI-driven alternatives.

The final, and least vulnerable, category is idea-based newsletters. These publications focus on presenting new and original ideas, which are more difficult for AI to replicate. However, even idea-based newsletters must adapt to the changing landscape by incorporating original content and a strong vision for the future.

The key to surviving the AI revolution is originality and vision.

A successful newsletter in the age of AI will follow the IDEA, BUILD, and SHOW model. This approach involves presenting an original idea, creating something useful based on that idea, and showcasing it to readers or allowing them to interact with it. This model can be applied to both blogs and newsletters, ensuring their survival in a world dominated by AI.

Even as AI encroaches on the territory of traditional newsletters, there will still be a place for discussing news and filtering stories for a specific audience. The crucial factor that will set successful newsletters apart is vision. Those with a clear perspective on the world and a plan for what they want to build within it will be able to provide value to their readers by offering informed opinions and insights on relevant news.

A strong vision and original ideas are essential for newsletters to thrive in the AI era.

In contrast, newsletters that lack a distinct point of view or original content will struggle to compete with AI-driven alternatives. As AI becomes increasingly adept at curating and summarizing news, these generic newsletters will find it difficult to maintain their relevance.


  • Raw collectors and curation/comment newsletters are at the greatest risk from AI.

  • Idea-based newsletters can survive by focusing on original content and vision.

  • The IDEA, BUILD, and SHOW model is crucial for success in the AI era.

  • Newsletters with a strong vision can still provide value by discussing news and filtering stories for their audience.

  • Generic newsletters without original ideas will struggle to compete with AI-driven alternatives.

To survive and thrive in this new era, newsletters must adapt by focusing on original content, vision, and the IDEA, BUILD, and SHOW model. By doing so, they can continue to provide value to their readers and maintain their relevance in a world increasingly dominated by AI.