AI Influence Level (AIL) v1.0


Humans care who created things. Especially art. They especially care when the origin is in question, and more again when the origin might not be human.

AI is yielding tremendous gifts, but it raises questions regarding what we read, see, and hear. How much of the article you just read was written by a human? Did ChatGPT write it? And what about the art for the image? Did the author purchase that from a real artist, or did they make it in Midjourney?

It’s not always bad if there was some AI involved. The point is transparency. We’d like to know what we’re getting, and where to give the credit.

A rating system

This is a first attempt at rating creative content for its level of AI authorship. Any creative endeavor applies—from an article to an essay, to a painting to a song.

This rating system works on a scale from 0 to 5.

  • 0️⃣ Human Created, No AI Involved — Examples: A handwritten letter, a painting created from an independent idea, a typed essay done without any AI-based tooling.

  • 1️⃣ Human Created, Minor AI Assistance — Examples: Examples: An essay written by hand, but grammar and/or sentence structure was fixed by an AI.

  • 2️⃣ Human Created, Major AI Augmentation — Examples: An article was written by a human, but it was significantly modified or expanded upon using AI tools.

  • 3️⃣ AI Created, Human Full Structure — Examples: A human fully described the a story, including giving extensive structure to an AI, and the AI filled it in.

  • 4️⃣ AI Created, Human Basic Idea — Examples: A human had a basic idea for a story and gave it to an AI for implementation.

  • 5️⃣ AI Created, Little Human Involvement — Examples: An AI writing tool has an API, and when invoked it produces full stories, including the basic idea all the way through the finished product.

Daily usage

We anticipate the following uses and pronunciations.

AIL is pronounced “ALE”, as in beer. Or like “ail” in ailment.

Most common:

> This essay is at AIL Level 0. 100% grass fed writing!


> The article itself is AIL 1, but all the art for it is AIL 4. Midjourney FTW!


> I now use automation to create my blog articles, so all my content is either AIL 4 or 5!


  1. As AI becomes more prominent, people will want to know how much AI is in a piece of art

  2. There is no accepted rating system for providing such a rating

  3. AAIL is one such rating system that rates content on a scale from 0 to 5


  1. Thanks to Jason Haddix for talking through this pre-publication.

  2. Thanks to Joseph Thacker for a naming change suggestion.

  3. 🤖 AIL LEVELS: This content’s AI Influence Levels are AIL0 for the writing, and AIL3 for the images (via Midjourney). THE AIL RATING SYSTEM