A Quick Thought on Removing Daylight Saving(s)

Well, our congressional heroes finally addressed our failing bridges and the lack of teachers.

Turns out it’s actually Daylight Saving Time.

Just kidding. They got rid of daylight savings (sic) time.

I can’t shake the feeling that there might have been a good reason we implemented it in the first place. I remember researching for like 9 seconds many years ago (because I was annoyed at it too), and it turns out they had reasons. Maybe those reasons were bad, or maybe they’re now obsolete.

Fair enough. Not really the point. What I worry about are Idiocracy-based policy changes, i.e., where masses of loud people on social media convince an impotent Congress to do stuff because “DST is annoying, no-cap.” And they do it because they want a cheer from the stands.

Maybe we got it right on this one. Cool. I prefer the consistent model as well.

But I really hope we don’t start changing highly researched policy due to TikTok-ish outcry. That’s how you lose things like truancy laws and other public goods because they’re too collectivist vs. individualist.

Like, really? The government makes us go to school under penalty of jail time for parents? I expect to see #eviltruancy trending on TikTok soon, resulting in Marco Rubio championing #parentchoice on the floor of the Senate.

Unraveling collectivist protections for TikTok likes is not a model for sustained existence as a country.