A Possible Text Editor Change for 2012?


I’m considering making an attempt to move from TextMate to MacVim/Janus as my main text editor.

I have a few main things I do with TextEdit that I need to be able to (mostly) replicate:

  • Git integration with my website (I use git to do all updates)

  • Snippets

  • Blog integration (I use TextMate to do all blog updates)

  • Auto-linking of text (probably not available)

My main reason for wanting to make this change is that I spend a good amount of time in Vim already and I’d like to be able to standardize (mostly) on a single editor.

I’m going to meet up with my buddy Stephen who is already doing the MacVim/Janus thing and see how much of my functionality he can or can’t replicate, and then compare that to what he can do that I am not/cannot.

[ You can’t go wrong by spending 30-60 minutes with your favorite text editor at the beginning of the year. Refresh yourself on the keyboard shortcuts. It’ll likely save you a lot of time throughout the year. ]

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