A List of Different Case Types

  • CapitalizationWriting the first letter of a word in uppercase, and the rest of the letters in lowercase.

  • Title CaseAll words are capitalized, except non-initial articles like “a, the, and”, etc. Used for…um, titles.

  • lowercaseAll letters in all words are lowercase.

  • Sentence caseCapitalization just like a standard English sentence, e.g. “The damn has broken.” Many sub-titles use this case format.

  • ALL CAPSAll letters in every word are capitalized. Used for extreme emphasis and considered rude when used over the Internet.

  • SMALL CAPSOnly capital letters are used for all letters in all words, but the letters are the size of lowercase letters of the font, not the uppercase.

  • CamelCaseWords are written without spaces, and the first letter of each word is capitalized. Also called Upper Camel Case or Pascal Casing.

  • lowerCamelCaseA variation of Camel Case in which the fist letter of the word is lowercase, e.g. iPhone, iPad, etc.

  • SNAKE_CASEPunctuation is removed and spaces are replaced by a single underscore. Can be done with either upper or lowercase, but whichever is used should continue to be used.

  • LeetSubstitutes numbers for some letters that are most similar, e.g. 3’s for E’s, 1’s for I’s, etc.

  • StudlyCaps or StickyCapsRandom capitalization within a word, or sometimes nonrandom capitalization, but not where it should be, e.g. cAPITALIZING the wrong part of a word because the CAPS LOCK is on.


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