Class Markers Used in the Real World

Some are unaware that there are strong class distinctions even within the middle class, and that there are specific and key tells that those in the upper tiers look for when determining if someone is part of their group. Here are the main ones:

  • TeethFew things are noticed more keenly than teeth. Good teeth indicate that one’s parents knew dental appearance and hygiene are important, and that they spent the time and money to get their kids braces. Bad teeth are an indication that one did not come from such a family, and that there are likely to be a number of other correlated negative behaviors as a result.

  • WeightSuccessful people tend to be fit. Without vocalizing it much outside of their own group, obesity is a sign of weakness to those who are successful and thin. It’s a sign that the person lacks self-discipline, which is a solid trait among high achievers.

  • DegreeMost successful people have degrees, so they look for others to have them as well. One can argue whether it’s good, bad, fair, unfair, but it is true. Like physical fitness and good teeth, having a degree shows that you came from a family that stressed education and that you had the self-discipline to complete at least four years of grinding studies. It’s also a prime time and place for networking, so people who went to school tend to be more beneficial in terms of relationships.

  • Eating HabitsPerhaps one of the quickest ways to fail a high-end interview, or remove yourself from a successful social circle, is to be seen consuming junk food. Continuing with the theme of health, successful people know that people who eat garbage tend to be less active and less motivated, and they pick their associates carefully.

  • ExerciseMost successful people take some sort of regular exercise, as they know it improves how they function during the day and is generally good for you. How that exercise is done is not much of an issue, but those who get absolutely none (or even worse speak ill of it) are likely to be discounted severely. Exercising also requires tremendous self-discipline, which is a key marker for this group.

  • Speaking and WritingThe way in which one communicates also serves as a powerful filter for this group, as it reveals another data point for upbringing and education. Those who communicate well, and properly, are also more effective in anything they do, so having associates with this skill is a benefit to those around him.

  • ProjectsPeople of high class and value tend to be actively working on big projects. This would not really include work projects unless the person is a leader at work who helped decide what those projects are. In general the projects would fall into the category of improving things, e.g., art, music, science, charity, philanthropy, etc.

Humans are always pattern-matching, and these metrics are proxies for the qualities that successful people really care about—most of which they’re not even aware of. Understand the world we live in, and use it to your advantage. ::


  1. When we talk about high class we’re not talking about “better people” (whatever that means); we’re talking about “successful” people, i.e. those who are respected leaders, have good educations, command high salaries, etc. In other words the mainstream indicators of success.

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