3 Ways the Left is Anti-Science


Being on the progressive side, I hear all the time about how anti-science the right is.

They deny evolution! They don’t realize we’re heating up the earth! They teach abstinence over sexual responsibility!

These are all fair points, but the right isn’t the only group with ridiculous anti-science beliefs. The left is nearly as heroically stupid on a number of topics where the science is clear yet they don’t change their minds.

Here are the three big ones:

  1. GMO Foods: Did you know that 88% of polled scientists believe that GMO foods are safe? And did you know that only 37% of the public shares that opinion? I listened to an IQ2 debate on the topic and it was a landslide in favor of GMOs. The public (lead by the left, I believe) is just completely wrong.

  2. Nuclear Energy: Polls, and voting, shows that it’s liberals stopping nuclear energy from gaining strength in the United States. This, despite the fact that it’s now an incredibly safe way to create energy, and would help immensely with the climate problem. But no—they think it’s bad, so it’s bad.

  3. Vaccinations: There has never been a better example of having a mind so open that your brain falls out than rejecting vaccinations. And it’s not conservatives doing it, it’s liberals.

TL;DR for liberals: Hypocrisy doesn’t look good on you. If you care so much about science then take your lead from scientists on all topics, not just the ones you agree with them on.


  1. With GMOs, the truth seems to be that existing GMOs are extremely safe, and the opposition is simply claiming that we need to be careful when making new ones and not get reckless, which nobody disagrees with.

  2. My conclusion after a very surface level education on the topic of GMOs was that what we’ve done with the products is extremely similar to what nature does by itself, and that very little harm can come of it when done responsibly.

  3. A massive point in the favor of GMOs was the point repeatedly made by the pro-GMO side in that IQ2 debate, i.e. that there have been hundreds of massive studies on their safety, and they’ve all concluded that they’re safe. When prompted for a response, the opposition simply said, “Well, we need to be careful with the new stuff is all we’re saying.” /game, /match

  4. A number of studies have now shown the reason different groups deny science: it’s because they discard anything that will have conclusions or outcomes that they find unfavorable.

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