3 Trends for an Advancing Human Civilization


One of my favorite things about true learning is that it magnifies itself. True understanding doesn’t just teach you about the topic at hand, it also modifies how you view the world.

The way this manifests most strongly is through the newfound visibility of trends, and here are three that I find fascinating.

1. Science and Technology Enable the Liberal Arts

Science and technology are prerequisites to the more important endeavors of philosophy, art, poetry, and the other creative pursuits. The hard skills are more important to use now because you can’t have the latter without the former, but once we have advanced far enough we will focus mostly on creating beautiful things for the enjoyment of others.

2. A Liberal Centralized Government Enables Anarchy

Government is a necessity because humans are largely animal in nature. To the extent that we are animal we require restraint and guidance 1. But government is only there because we need it. It is imperfect in its necessity. Once humans have evolved sufficiently, through proper application of such government, it will allow us to shed it and arrive at self-rule.

3. Parenting Enables Indviduality

The supreme human goal is that of the creation and sharing of beauty such as art, music, poetry, etc. These are individual pursuits that are opposed directly 2 by the selfless charge of parenthood. In the future this burden will not be necessary, i.e. it will/should not be necessary to sacrifice one’s individual contributions in order to be a parent.


Our ideal society, hundreds and thousands of years in the future, will be one of self-ruled individuals focused on the creation and sharing of art and beauty.

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