2016 Took Scott Adams From Us


2016 has been brutal.

I’m not going to count the ways (because that’d be depressing) but we can add another reason to the list.

It’s taken Scott Adams from us.

No, he’s not dead, but he has left the realm of the kind and logical and put his money on deception and selfishness.

If you’ve not been watching, he’s been following Trump for months, and predicted last year that he’d win because he has access to some super-persuasion powers (which Scott knows about because he also has them).

Evidently the stuff he was using was so good and so powerful that it simply couldn’t be denied.

And Trump just kept getting more and more popular, so Scott’s blog did as well. It seemed he was really onto something.

But then Clinton started gaining ground, and Trump starting losing it. Scott’s peculiar response was basically to say that someone in the Clinton camp obviously starting using the same powers, and that Trump stopped using them.


Kinda seems like he was just making excuses so he could keep his theory going, but he’s smart, so let’s give it some time…

But then it turned dark.

A few weeks back Scott formally backed Trump. This was a surprise that many saw coming, since he’d been telling us for months that his claim that Trump was going to win had nothing to do with him wanting him to win—it was just the truth and he was showing it to us.

Ok. Still with you. Barely.

So then he comes out for Trump. Outright.

The reason? Because Clinton is going to tax him too much, and he doesn’t want that to happen. Fuck.

Then, this week, he drops this on his blog:

Unsupervised Learning — Security, Tech, and AI in 10 minutes…

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This appears to be some genuine bile coming from a man who loves his wealth more than most anything.

That’s my read anyway.

I think what happened here is there was a battle in Scott’s mind—on one side there was kind, smart, and funny, and on the other side there was old, white, and rich.

Evidently there actually is no Dana. Only Zuul. The rich and selfish side won, and we lost our beloved creator of Dilbert.

Left behind we have a super-smart guy who trolls thousands of fans for months, and in the end turns out to be a rich asshole who wants to avoid paying taxes.

Sounds like Trump, come to think of it. But perhaps that should fail to surprise since they are both also master persuaders.

Anyway, here are a couple of birds—one for Scott, and one for 2016.


  1. He also said his Master Persuader theory wasn’t wrong just because Trump isn’t going to win. Why? Because it doesn’t foresee crazy things happening. Well, sorry Scott, the whole point of the Master Persuader theory is that it could take a dumbass and get them elected. Good candidates don’t necessarily need it, and horrible candidates tend to do dumb shit. So everything was in fact riding on his persuasion being enough to get him by. It wasn’t.

  2. The whole thing hit me pretty hard since I’ve been a Scott Adams fan since like 1999. Watching this slow motion accident has been difficult.

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