2014 Site Traffic Review


2014 was a great year for the site, with the biggest changes coming right at the end. I performed a complete overhaul of the site’s content in December, and took it to SSL in addition.

It’s hard to tell what specific modifications are responsible, but I seem to be experiencing many positive effects from the changes.

But let’s look at pure traffic numbers as compared to there previous 2 years:

  • In 2012 I had 859,381 sessions, and 1,162,723 pageviews

  • In 2013 I had 784,914 sessions, and 1,046,691 pageviews

  • In 2014 I had 1,454,231 sessions, and 2,009,500 pageviews

[ NOTE: I had gaps in Google Analytics reporting during some of these years so that’s likely why there was a decrease there. ]

The biggest takeaway there is that traffic seems to have doubled as compared to last year, which is fantastic. And as part of that I have seen my Alexa rank rise into the top 100K websites worldwide, with a rank currently at 90,015 globally, and 45,200 in the United States.

Technology-wise, here are the browser stats for 2014:


And here are the 2014 mobile stats:


It’s been interesting over the years to see the fall of Internet Explorer and then more recently Firefox’s giving way to Chrome.

The iOS/Android stats are still of interest to me as well, but not for the same quasi-religious reasons they used to be.

Anyway, 2014 was a good year for the site, and hope to have an even better one in 2015.

Thanks for visiting.


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