Why You Should Be Using Friendfeed

FriendFeed is a relatively new service designed to let you stay in contact with your friends in a more complete way than other services. Twitter is an excellent service because it allows one to microblog and push updates via sms, but this doesn’t show your friends everything you’re doing.

Someone wanting to follow your blog posts, your picassa/flikr photos, or your Amazon wishlists would have to add those things separately.

FriendFeed solves this problem by consolidating updates into a single interface, and providing syndication feeds (RSS/Atom) as well. So what you do, as a user, is get a FriendFeed account and add then add the services that you use, i.e. your blog, your Twitter account, your Google Shared items, your Picassa account, etc.

Once you’ve added your accounts, you can continue using those disparate services like usual, but when update one of those services, FriendFeed will update as well. So, as an example, I have the following services in FriendFeed now:

So all someone has to do to keep up with me is subscribe to my FriendFeed feed, not to all those different services. Not only that, but it also has a full vote-up and comment system where people can give input on the content you publish.

It’s an extremely powerful platform, and if you’re into Twitter and other “connectivity applications” like it, I strongly suggest looking into FriendFeed.


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