Why Humans Love Babies


I, just as much as anyone, loves me some babies.

You see a baby and you melt. You want to hold it. You want to snuggle it. You want to…protect it.

And it’s the same with other mammals. Most baby things are irresistibly cute.

But to me there’s a dark side to this, or at least a mechanical one.

It’s completely rigged. We have no control of it. It’s hardwired.

It’s like in the movies where a spell is cast on someone, and they suddenly love someone they didn’t love before. They start bringing them jewelry, and flowers, and affection—all against their will—because of the spell.

Well, that’s what happens to us every time we see a baby.

We’re under evolution’s spell. It compels us to squirm with delight every time a puppy stumbles, or kitten yawns, or a baby laughs.

I’m not complaining. I love me some babies and kittens. And I’m ok with knowing that it’s compelled rather than voluntary.

But I’m only ok with it now that I know the truth. I feel bad for those who still think it’s their choice to like them or not.

It isn’t.

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