What Does Your Toilet Paper Roll Say About You?


So I’ve had a theory for many years now. It’s not particularly poignant or anything, but I figured it’s my blog so I might as well indulge.

I think it may be possible to determine the degree of masculinity/assertiveness a person has by observing how they prefer to place a roll of toilet paper on the spool. I find that most women like to have it come off from behind, i.e. push it “away from you” in order to take some off the roll. The opposite preference seems to exist with the few guys I’ve asked.

What comes to mind is the balance between being passive and being assertive. Those who are more passive are more likely to have it in the back, and those who are more assertive would like the the appearance of the roll facing “toward” them and rolling in their direction when extracted.

I’ve seen women freak out when seeing it face forward — like it’s some sort of affront to their personality. This could be a simple matter of learning it one way and not liking it any other way, but I’m a student of the school that says the subconscious steers much of our behavior. As such, I think this personality issue may be driving people’s preference on the issue in the way I describe above.

I’m quite sure I’m reading too much into this, but I wonder if there’s anything at all to it. I submit the idea for your review. Thoughts?

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