UL NO. 440: RAID (Real World AI Definitions)

Twillio API Dump, North Korea Russia, Funny AI Memes, and more…

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lol - The Internet

  • I’m re-reading Alex Hormozi’s two business books. He has my absolutely favorite business content right now, by far. THE FIRST ONE

  • My buddy Jakoby is an Army Veteran and brilliant security guy, and he’s struggling pretty hard right now. He’s actively trying to avoid eviction and any help would be appreciated. GIVE WHAT YOU CAN

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I just finished a resource I’ve been working on for over a week called RAID, for Real-world AI Definitions. It was going to be like 3 paragraphs but I just kept adding more definitions and more detail. READ IT


Cloudflare has a new, free tool to stop bots from scraping websites for AI training data. | by Kyle Wiggers | TECHCRUNCH

Twilio says someone got phone numbers because of an unsecured Authy API endpoint, and 33 million numbers are now on the dark web. | THE VERGE

Russian experts say they've fully analyzed the structure of the American ATACMS missile, and they believe this knowledge will help them counter one of Ukraine's most effective long-range weapons. | EURASIANTIMES


Curious about AI's impact on security automation?

Tines co-founder and CEO Eoin Hinchy breaks it down with Patrick Gray on the Risky Biz podcast, discussing AI’s ability to speed up workflow build times and reduce barriers to entry.

They also cover security and privacy concerns - with AI in Tines, you decide when and how your workflows interact with AI.

Some highlights from the conversation:

  • “Tines does security automation and they do it extremely well. As a company, Tines is extremely well placed to make use of decision engines like large language models.” - Patrick

  • “With LLMs, there can be a spectrum. You can use the really cheap models to do the very basic, mundane work, and slowly and responsibly increase your usage as you build trust in the system.” - Eoin

North Korea has switched its state TV broadcasts from a Chinese satellite to a Russian one, reducing the number of people who can watch. This change was discovered by South Korea’s KBS, which relies on North Korea's KCTV for insights into the country. THERECORD

Hezbollah launched over 200 rockets and drones at Israel after Israel killed a senior Hezbollah official, Muhammad Nimah Nasser. This is the largest attack along the Lebanon-Israel border so far. ALJAZEERA


Discover, secure and govern genAI use

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The U.S. intelligence community is diving into generative AI to enhance intelligence operations, using it for tasks like search, discovery, and counter-argument generation. | by Frank Konkel | NEXTGOV

Here’s some analysis saying AI can’t be funny, but I think I disagree. | by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold | THEWEEK 

💡I’m starting to see lots of AI-generated memes that are pretty damn good. This is one Joseph Thacker shared on X:

I mean, it’s not a Chapelle standup, but it’s decent. And most importantly I’ve not seen a single explanation for why AI will continue improving in other areas but not in humor.

There's was a breach at OpenAI, but it looks like the hacker only accessed an employee discussion forum. | by Devin Coldewey | TECHCRUNCH

Nvidia is set to make $12 billion by selling over a million HGX H20 GPUs to China in 2024. These GPUs are designed to comply with U.S. export restrictions while still offering strong performance. | TOMSHARDWARE

Apple might soon announce a deal to bring Google's Gemini chatbot to iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia. | by Filipe Espósito | 9TO5MAC

💡So that means Apple will potentially be working with all three main AI players now, which is precisely what we would expect to see.

They announced OpenAI, mentioned Meta a while back, and now Google.

Greece is moving to a six-day working week to boost productivity, despite global trends towards shorter weeks. | THE GUARDIAN

💡I don’t want gesture control; I want actual cameras. :)

David Brooks sat down with Steve Bannon to understand his vision for the global populist movement. Bannon believes the ruling elites of the West have lost confidence in themselves and are detached from their people's lived experiences. | by David Brooks | NYT

The number of U.S. high school graduates is expected to peak in 2025 or 2026 and then decline for years, posing severe challenges to schools at all levels. Schools and colleges are closing, faculty members are being laid off, and districts are facing financial dilemmas. | by Jennifer A. Kingson | AXIOS

The U.S. dollar just hit a 38-year peak against the yen, driven by rising Treasury yields and Japan's sluggish economic growth. | ASAHI 

People whose eyes dilated more performed better on tests of working memory, suggesting that pupil size is linked to how well we can process and remember information. | by Kate Graham-Shaw | SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN

The FDA approved Eli Lilly's Alzheimer's drug, donanemab (Kisunla), which slows disease progression by about a third. | by Tina Reed | AXIOS

High Work-In-Progress (WIP) is killing your business, innovation, and morale. The more tasks you juggle, the slower everything moves. High WIP means everyone is stressed and busy without significant results. | by Maarten Dalmijn | HACKER NEWS


The AI Class Gap
Here's the separation that most concerns me with AI: We’re going to see even more separation between haves and have-nots because:

  1. One small group will use AI to have a staff of 10,000 executive assistants, tutors, and analysts working 24/7 to run their businesses and optimize their entire lives.

  2. Most people will either not use AI at all, or will only use it for gaming, watching media, porn, and doing random tasks.

It’ll largely be the same split as between voracious readers and everyone else today. The tools are available, but only a tiny percentage will use them.

The result will be a even more distance between the thriving and the surviving.


Self-Publishing a Tech Book — Andrew Wheeler shares his journey of self-publishing "Data Science for Crime Analysis with Python," offering insights on the process and tools he used. | by Andrew Wheeler | HACKER NEWS

MMA-AI — This guy is predicting MMA fight outcomes with AI and doing really well! | MMA-AI

Sam Parr launched SamsList, a database of CPAs, accountants, tax strategists, and bookkeeping firms. He’s already made over $32,000 in revenue in just two months. | by Sam Parr | SAMSLIST

The Illustrated Transformer — A visual and intuitive guide to understanding how transformers work in machine learning. | by Jay Alammar | JALAMMAR

ElevenLabs has a new AI Voice Isolator that removes unwanted ambient noise from content like podcasts and videos. | by ElevenLabs | VENTUREBEAT

Tao Te Ching by Ursula K. Le Guin — Ursula K. Le Guin's translation of the Tao Te Ching emphasizes the paradoxes and mysteries of the text, making it both profound and approachable. | by Nicholas Bennett | GITHUB


Check out Ground News. It’s a news site focused on seeing media bias in how stories are or aren’t covered by different media publications. GROUND NEWS


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