She Bought Me My Watch


Susan bought me my watch today. We walked into Tourneau (57th Ave, NYC) to check out some watches and we spent most of our time looking at Seiko, Rado, and Tag pieces. I had been like a week ago and knew that they didn’t have my watch there, so we didn’t rush up to where the Rolex pieces were. Eventually we made our way up there, though, and sure enough — they had one.

It was quite amazing that a place with this sort of visibility would just happen to have my exact watch in stock when they didn’t just a few days earlier (and precisely on the day that Susan came with me no less). Naturally I was freaking out (but in a very controlled fashion that only Susan could see) and she simply asked me, “Do you want it?” I simply replied, “Yeah, I do.”, and around 20 minutes later I walked out with it. It’s been close to 15 years that I’ve wanted this watch and now it’s mine.

So this has been quite a trip: Susan got her ring on Thanksgiving, and I got my Rolex on Christmas Eve. The project went really well, and I go home to a new apartment and a new car. It’s a good feeling that I have right now.

[Edit: Here’s my first post concerning this watch, transcribed from dead-tree format when I put this site up in 1999]

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