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  • Protection From Sexual Harassment is the Latest in Everyday Luxuries for the Rich

Protection From Sexual Harassment is the Latest in Everyday Luxuries for the Rich

A number of things that seem like basic features of an advanced society are increasingly becoming luxuries for the rich.

  • Doing work that you enjoy.

  • Having good healthcare.

  • Going to college.

  • Having access to good information.

  • Etc…

I think we can now add Protection From Sexual Harassment to the list.

The Weinstein Effect has basically put the corporate world on notice that sexual harassment—and more broadly the abuse of power—is not acceptable within a work environment.

But I and many others are worried that this message seems loud in the echo chamber of high-end professions and is virtually non-existent in the blue-collar, working class, and service industries.

Uncomfortably, that’s also where most people actually work—including most women who are being harassed.

So, once again, the rich will benefit from a cultural upgrade while everyone else will not. Generally speaking, compared to everyone else:

  • The rich aren’t religious.

  • The rich don’t smoke.

  • The rich eat more healthily.

  • And now the rich believe abuse of work power is poisonous.

Meanwhile, millions of women working service and low-level office jobs are being harassed and taken advantage of constantly by men who consider it normal and part of their rights as a co-worker or manager.

It’s just another example of how the rich are pulling away from the rest of the population. It’s not just a matter of money; it’s also about what constitutes acceptable behavior in these two diverging societies.

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