Medium Just Became an Even Worse Option for Blogging

I wrote a while back about how Medium isn’t a great option for blogging. The basic idea is that it looks out for itself, not for you.

Well, this new move on their part makes that even more pronounced. You used to be able to canonically link to your own site when you post to Medium. But now they’re killing that off. They had a plugin that could do it, but they’ve stopped maintaining it.

This reinforces my recommendation regarding writing online:

  1. Keep everything on your own site as much as possible.

  2. Use very few third-party services, and ideally none. This means anything that involves third-party domains that you don’t control fully.

  3. Your domain is everything. It’s your center of truth going forward for decades. Protect that source of truth.

So whether it’s Facebook, Medium, Tumblr—whatever—stop that, and get on your own domain.


Your domain is your home, and anything you do away from there will end up hurting you when it either 1) goes away, or 2) changes management and starts doing things you don’t like and cannot accept.

Do.As much as possible.On your own domain.

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