Gallup Poll Shows Education Linked To Religious Belief


So, people who believe the literal word of the Bible:

31% total.20% if you have a basic degree.11% if you have an advanced degree.

Once again, Occam’s Razor:

Option 1: Education is secular in nature and leads people astray. It teaches people to question the origins of the Bible, the apparent (but untrue) contradictions within it, and its similarities with previous stories — all of which is wrong because the Bible warns against trying to gain too much worldly knowledge. The true way to gather knowledge is to stop worrying about what all this human (and therefore flawed) education says and read the scriptures as God intended.

Option 2: The Bible is a collection of stories written by numerous authors, edited numerous times, over roughly 900 years. The only people who believe it to be the literal work of God are people who have been indoctrinated to believe so. As such, those who are exposed to education gain the benefit of perspective and are able to see what it truly is. The more education one has the more likely they 1) came from a family that didn’t harshly indoctrinate them as children, and 2) get more exposure to alternative ways of interpreting the world. Both of these lead to less chance of believing the Bible is the literal work of God.

Which seems more logical?

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