Feedly Feature Request: Custom Long-press

This post will serve as a feature request for my preferred news reader—Feedly. The feature is called: Custom Long-press

My current workflow for my weekly show, Unsupervised Learning, is to capture stories throughout the week during my daily reading. I capture those stories within Safari’s Reading List feature because it’s available on all my devices.

The problem is that my current workflow on mobile involves four (4) steps:

  1. Find the story in my feeds.

  2. Select the story.

  3. Click the share button.

  4. Click ‘Add to Reading List’

That’s four steps where I would hope we could get it to one or two.

There’s a good chance that this is actually an API limitation around accessing the proper sharing interface, and if that’s the case then let’s just try to get the number of steps as low as possible, e.g., maybe long-press brings up the mobile platform’s sharing screen?

In the Pro version there’s already a feature called ‘Long Press to Save’, which currently saves the story you long-press into the Read Later queue. I’d love if we could simply re-map this function to other things—most importantly for me: Save to Safari Reading List.

That’s it.

Custom Long-press.

Thanks to the Feedly team for picking up the baton when Google dropped it, and for reading this request.

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