The Decline of the Colonists


I think within the next 25 years we’re going to start seeing a new political narrative arising in states like California and Texas.

The narrative will be simply that people of European descent should have far less influence than they used to. For the populations of Hispanics and Asians, the narrative will evolve like so:

  1. Gee, it’s really nice for the original white folk to let us live in this great country (the previous 100 years)

  2. Hey, wait, we deserve to be here just as much as anyone else (now)

  3. Um, actually, now that we’re the 75% majority, I just realized something: this was already our land, and now we’re just restoring it back to its original state before it was stolen, so STFU. (next 25 years)

And won’t they have a pretty strong point?

Hispanic folks are Asians that came here tens of thousands of years ago, from Siberia (Asia) and settled the Americas from Canada and Alaska to Argentina. It was all theirs.

So then the Europeans show up and basically take it overnight while Europe was in colonization mode.

But population trending has the Europeans on a sharp decline and Hispanic folks on a sharp incline, and that only ends one way: with the United States being majority Hispanic.

As a progressive who believes in eventual one-world government these facts are functionally inert to me. I do worry about the country becoming majority Catholic, but I care not about the color of peoples’ human skin layer. That will all be customizable soon anyway.

My only point, which I find fascinating, is that we’re going to start seeing a major narrative in politics soon—a narrative that says Europeans stole this country, and it’s time for control to be returned.

Will they be wrong?

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