A Collection (of Collections) of Obama’s Accomplishments


This next year is going to yield many debates on what our current President has or has not accomplished in his first term. Here’s a collection (of lists) of what he has accomplished.

And here’s my short summarized list of the his major positive points — not necessarily in order.

  1. He killed a ton of terrorists, including Bin Laden.

  2. He ended our war in Iraq.

  3. He ended don’t ask don’t tell.

  4. He passed universal health care.

  5. He pushed through stimulus that probably saved our economy.

  6. He advanced nuclear non-proliferation with Russia.

  7. He pushed for raising taxes on the rich to balance the budget.

  8. He provided incentives and breaks for small businesses.

  9. He is trying to make college much more affordable.

  10. He’s putting money into national infrastructure.

  11. He opened the door to stem-cell research.

  12. He is protective of abortion rights.

  13. He expanded protection of GLTG people.

  14. He is strongly pushing for alternative energy.

By the way, this doesn’t mean I’m necessarily voting for him in 2012. He has disappointed me greatly in addition to making me quite happy, and I have similar posts on all the things I believe he’s failed us on.

The point of this post is to show that while it’s possible to dislike what he’s accomplished, statements saying he’s been inactive are overtly ignorant.


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