The Gay Hypocrisy


So you have people like Heather and the other girls on the Real World (and my girlfriend who agreed with them) who seem to be very socially hip and pro-gay and all of that until the homosexuality hits too close to home.  Gay men are great to them until the man they are having sex with is or was gay (even if he is sexually safe; they just think it’s icky).

Here’s how it goes down in real life:

Girlfriend:  I think people should be able to have sex with whoever they want.  I love gays!

Boyfriend:  I’m gay.

Girlfriend:  You’re fucking sick!

An interesting and very common hypocrisy. A similar one exists with makeup. Many feminist-leaning types don’t think it’s sexist and strange for a woman to regularly make herself up (for herself, not for others you understand). But if a guy wanted to do the same he’d be a freak with psychological problems.