Game of Thrones: Observations, Thoughts, and Theories

First off, if you are not finished with book five, stop reading now: there will be spoilers.

Ok, first I want to summarize a couple of interesting observations and theories that I’ve gathered since getting into this series:

  1. The series itself, as we can see from the subtitle: “Fire and Ice” seems to be about Dragons vs. Whitewalkers. Basically, those are the two primary, unstoppable forces and they have to face each other.

  2. Littlefinger is the absolute puppetmaster. Right before he kills John Aryn’s wife in the Vale, she mentions that he made her poison John, which is the opening scene of the series. In short, Littlefinger started the entire conflict that put Ned against the Lannisters.

  3. There are multiple theories as to who Jon Snow’s real father is. First, it could be Ned (as is declared openly). The scene where Ned says goodbye to Jon, where he promises to tell him more about his mother–that scene makes me think Ned is his father, although I cannot recall why exactly.

    Another major theory is that he was actually Robert’s son, and Ned was hiding him the whole time because he would have had a claim.

    A final theory, which I find fascinating, is that he’s actually Rhaegar’s son, as Rhaegar supposedly spent a good amount of time with Ned’s sister. This would make him Ned’s nephew still, but more importantly–a Targarian.

  4. I am intruiged by the sorcerer’s description that only “immortal” people could use the horn to bind a rider to a dragon. Are Targaryans supposed to be immortal? I don’t think so. Nor have we met anyone who is. So, what is that supposed to mean?

  5. Small matter, but if Dany was on fire when she jumped on Drogon’s back and left the fighting pit, then how is she later wearing clothes? Me thinks merely because it’d be too cumbersome for her to, accurately, be naked for the next scenes.

  6. I’m curious about the Spider’s role in this whole thing, and his ultimate goal. It almost seems like he’s trying to restore the most long-term, legitimate rule possible, i.e. a Targaryan. But I’m also confused by how he is working with Littlefinger. Are they perfectly in sync, or is Littlefinger more selfish while Varys is trying to do the “right” thing for the realm?

  7. I kind of feel like a false flag operation is needed to unify the realm behind The Watch against the Whitewalkers. Let a few through to scare the crap out of people so that people stop fighting each other and take the real conflict seriously. High risk, of course, but perhaps needed.

  8. Jon cannot die. This seems clear to me for a number of reasons. First, Martin hasn’t killed any REALLY main characters since Ned. He’s earned our respect with that, and with cutting off Jaime’s hand, and by killing Robb. But Robb wasn’t even a PoV character was he? Nope. Martin earned our respect for his ability to kill anyone at any time early on, but he hasn’t used it in a long while.

    Plus, Melisandre (the red witch) asked to see the True King, and was shown Jon Snow multiple times. She even commented: “Hmm, that’s weird. Every time I ask to see the true king the Lord of Light only shows me Jon Snow…” Yeah, weird. You’d think she’d be better at reading visions than that.

  9. I hope Arya and Sam have some kickass roles coming up. They are two of my favorite characters. I look forward to them having some truly epic “caterpillar to butterfly” moments in the form of using their newfound powers.

  10. Also, who the hell is this black rider that helped Bran and Hodor and crew? This guy is stout. He should be owning fools up in Mereen. Just sayin’. Update: a reader commented that it’s probably Benjen Stark.

Enough for now.


Oh, and here are a couple of cool extras to help hold you over:

Let me know if you have any interesting thoughts of your own, about the points above, or just anything related to the series that I can include above. I’m psyched for book six.

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