Conservative Hypocrisy on Contraception, Abortion, and Life


Conservatives are reportedly about protecting life, but a modicum of scrutiny quickly dissolves this illusion. Here are a few things to consider: Conservatives are anti-abortion, which is where people terminate unwanted pregnancies The easiest possible way to avoid unwanted pregnancies is to use contraception Many conservative groups are trying as hard as possible, using lobbyists […]

The Sanders Scenario


There’s something Bernie Sanders needs to be very careful of, and I don’t think people realize how possible it is. Let me paint a scene: It’s June of 2016 and Sanders continues building more and more support with the middle class The anti-rich sentiment is growing, and it’s starting to get an actual class warfare […]

The Moral Cowardice of Liberalism


A poisonous hypocrisy exists within liberal thinking that threatens to undermine its credibility and usefulness. The issue is the chasm between its ability to empathize with suffering and its unwillingness to admonish the beliefs that cause it. Liberal canon requires one to maintain two opposing thoughts simultaneously, which I call the first and second laws […]

Are America’s Incarceration and Crime Rates Are Related?


I’m quite sure this has been studied properly, but here’s an unrefined and unexplored idea: We have more people in prison than ever, and the rates have increased massively over the last couple of decades Nobody can figure out why our crime rate keeps falling so significantly I’d link some stats, but neither statement is […]

Government and Mental Health


People are once again panicking about mass shootings. Let me try to simplify the problem: Society is currently built so that maximum pressure exists on normal Americans. They make too little money. They cannot pay their bills. They work too many hours. They have no savings, little if any retirement, and they are in constant […]

Lotteries Are Immoral


Lotteries are immoral. Lotteries are successful because they promote and market the idea that they are a money-making scheme. They trick you into believing that you are actually making money (via periodic, small payouts and regular massive payouts) when in fact they are money-making schemes. Just like Casino’s, they are designed to, and are very […]

Where Libertarianism and Conservatism Collide


Conservatives like to think of themselves as Libertarians. They’re all about freedom and not having government tell people what to do. So they claim. But gay marriage and polygamy are perfect examples of where they don’t actually believe that. If they were Libertarians they wouldn’t be in favor of laws that make gay marriage illegal. […]

Bernie Sanders Would Not be a Good President


The volume is increasing on the idea that Bernie Sanders might be our next president. Well, he can’t. Or, at least from my perspective, he shouldn’t. Great man, great ideas, great president? Bernie Sanders has brilliant ideas. I am 1000% behind him on all of his populist messaging. Single-payer healthcare. Fixing the income and wealth […]

William Thompson Designed the Confederate Flag Explicitly as a Racist Symbol


[ UPDATE 29.06.15: Added clarification regarding the distinction between the Confederate and Rebel flags. ] We’re all aware of the debate around the Confederate flag. Progressives argue that it’s a symbol of racism, and its defenders say it’s a harmless, non-racist icon of their heritage. People argue back and forth, but there’s never seemed to […]

Stannis is George Bush


One of the best things about Game of Thrones is how well it captures real personal and political conflict, with people being intricate mixtures of good and evil simultaneously. Stannis is one of those people, and so is George Bush. Stannis is often seen as a power-hungry evil person who would do the worst things […]

A Question for Obama Supporters


So I have a question for the Obama supporters out there. Why did he support this trade deal, and rather than pitch it to us, just try to sneak it past? Why? I like a lot about Obama, and would even call myself a fan, but I’m not the kind of fan that’s blind to […]

The Hierarchy of Citizenship


What the United States—and arguably every country—needs more than anything else is citizens. This should not be confused with people who have citizenship, as in too many cases these have little in common. This short essay will describe the importance of active Citizenship, and how so many fail to achieve it. First we’ll start by […]

The Answer to Iraq is Iran


“What apparently happened was that the Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight,” Carter told CNN’s Barbara Starr. “They were not outnumbered. In fact, they vastly outnumbered the opposing force, and yet they failed to fight, they withdrew from the site, and that says to me, and I think to most of us, that […]

The Answer to Why Westerners Keep Getting Recruited Into ISIS


The media is consumed with the question of why so many westerners are being successfully recruited into ISIS. It’s usually framed as: Why are so many of our precious western children being seduced by this evil? Neat question. I have a theory: Their parents aren’t raising them, because they have no time for them after […]

Why I’m Likely Voting for Bernie Sanders in 2016


We need a populist push in this country. There aren’t enough powerful people on the side of the working class, and Sanders is definitely that guy He’s honest and consistent. He cares deeply about the success of regular people, and he has been saying the exact same thing for decades I’m worried he’s a single-issue […]

On the Chomsky / Harris Non-discussion


If you’re a fan of Sam Harris or Noam Chomsky you might know that they recently had something of an intellectual scuffle. Or they almost did, anyway. Sadly, the conversation never really happened, and I wanted to write about how sad that actually is. Here are the main points of the exchange and my takeaways: […]

2016 Plays Out The Oldest Political Story


I’ve been in Iceland for the last week, and for some reason it was here among the ice and fire that I came upon this idea. The 2016 campaign between Clinton and $REPUBLICAN will end up being a rehashing of one of the oldest political narratives in history: The rich few vs. the poor many. […]

Conflating Petraeus and Snowden Doesn’t Help Anyone


Pro-Snowden types are currently on an internet tour with a specious narrative: Petraeus shared sensitive information just like Snowden. He got off without jail time. Snowden should get the same treatment. This is wrong for four reasons: The history of the offender How the leak happened The amount of data leaked The impact For history, […]

The Future of Global Entanglements


One of the most troublesome challenges for modern nations is determining what to do about failed states such as Iraq and Syria. These are places housing millions of human souls, and they have little infrastructure, no real economy to speak of, and precious little hope for all these reasons. For Iraq, this is after the […]

When Bush Removed Saddam, Did he Create ISIS?


A couple of hard-to-argue observations: Bush removed Saddam Saddam was the force that kept extremism down The entire region is worse off than before Bush invaded The lesson is elegant in its simplicity: Any that any country that still has a dictator is, by definition, not ready to have it removed for them. When we […]

America Needs Small Terrorist Attacks


America desperately needs small terrorist attacks on a regular cadence. Let me explain: The American psyche is extremely brittle because we’re used to not being attacked. This is why 9/11 was so debilitating: it was because we thought we were invincible. There is essentially no way to stop being attacked; we can only learn to […]

The Decline of the Colonists


I think within the next 25 years we’re going to start seeing a new political narrative arising in states like California and Texas. The narrative will be simply that people of European descent should have far less influence than they used to. For the populations of Hispanics and Asians, the narrative will evolve like so: […]

Anatomy of a Terrorism Victory


Thousands of movie theaters will not be showing a controversial movie about North Korea this weekend because of a terrorist threat. The threat was made real by the fact that the same group just savaged the Sony Pictures network in a perhaps the biggest corporate hack in history. So they committed violence (we can call […]

Ferguson is the Left’s Benghazi


The Benghazi scandal is ridiculous because it represents manufactured controversy. The left has known this all along, and a recent GOP investigation just arrived at the same result. The killing of Michael Brown is very similar in the most important respect: people think there is controversy where there is none. Like a magic trick, everyone […]

Liberal Confusion on Ferguson


I am disappointed by the liberal reaction to the Ferguson grand jury. As soon as the announcement was made that there would be no indictment, Twitter detonated with liberal outrage that justice was not being done. The problem is that liberals seem to be categorically conflating two separate issues. Here’s one truth: Police in 2014 […]