The Real Reason Apple is So Popular Right Now

I was in CompUSA the the other day and noticed quite a few people in the Apple section. I realized that this was becoming increasingly common everywhere I went. Indeed, much Apple love these days. But why now? I mentioned to an employee in the PC section that Apple interest seemed to be getting stronger […]

I Hate Microsoft

Well my Vista box is already hung. I made the mistake of closing an explorer Window when it wasn’t responding. This crashed your box in Windows 95. It crashed your box in 98. It crashed your box in ME. It crashed your box in 2000. It crashed your box in XP. It even crashes your […]

Robert Scoble Switches To The Mac

So for those of you who are into blogging you’re probably all aware of Robert Scoble, a former Microsoft employee who became popular by bringing blogging to that company for the first time. He’s famous for being highly biased towards Microsoft, but now that he’s left it seems his exposure to the “real world” has […]

Trying To Get Chris Pirillo To Move To The Mac

I’ve been trying to get Chris to the Mac for over a year now, and he’s put my latest attempt up on his site. I’ve received a number of emails commending me on my efforts, but a few pointed out something I’d not considered: The guy is an absolute Windows icon. He can’t just up […]

Windows 2003 Workstation

You might be saying no such thing exists, but I beg to differ. I’ve dumped XP as a Windows platform. I now use it only when something specifically requires it (which isn’t often). I prefer to use Windows Server 2003 as a workstation instead. Why? Mostly because of raw socket limitations. I hate the fact […]

Vista’s Security Hobbled By Microsoft’s Own Insecure Past

Yesterday I wrote about Joanna Rutkowska’s work that highlighted a serious security flaw in Windows Vista. Her finding was that in Vista, many applications require that they be installed with administrator privileges, and that during the install process users are given two options: 1) install with elevated privileges, or 2) don’t install the application at […]

Vista Security A Joke? : Executables Install As Administrator Because It’s More Convenient

I just got done reading something utterly insane about Vista. Evidently, a Polish researcher named Joanna Rutkowska has discovered that Vista, by default, wants executables to install with Administrator rights. WTF?!? When I say “wants”, that means that when you install executables in Vista you get prompted to either install with administrator rights or not […]