Flattr, and Why It’s Brilliant

Flattr is an exciting new social networking / micro-payment service that allows you to set a donation amount that gets divided among all the different content you, um, flatter, online. You start by making a small static contribution with the service. This money is always gone at the end of the month–whether it’s to people […]

How to Sign In to Facebook Using Google

   So you have a Facebook account, right? And you use Google Mail, right? Good, then this is for you. It’s just recently become possible for you to sign into Facebook automagically, i.e. without entering your Facebook username and password, just because you’re already signed into GMail. It’s full of win. The wholesomeness that allows […]

Why Your Website Needs a “Discovered Content” Section

One of the advantages of social content sharing is that if I like what you write then there’s a good chance I’ll like what you like as well. So, we “friend” and “subscribe to” people who share interests with us, in hopes that they’ll not just find additional content in our overlapping interest areas, but […]

PageRank for People Rather Than URLs

This is an interesting post about how the concept of PageRank for URLs is becoming dated at best, and obsolete at worst. The idea is that people post in multiple places, and that search engines need to track them across all of them, not just their highly ranked home URL. So basically, the reputation rank […]

The Connected Web: Why It’s Time For Strong Authentication

It’s getting exciting in the world of cross-network authentication. Let’s review. I can now: sign into Digg using Facebook sign into DISQUS using Facebook or Twitter sign into Facebook automatically using OpenID (with two-factor authentication) or Google sign into FriendFeed using Google, Twitter, or Facebook We’re quickly approaching the point where we’re going to be […]

Twitter Explained in Three Paragraphs

People struggle with why Twitter is special. It’s special because it counters, better than any other technology, the timeless social obstacle of “out of sight, out of mind”. Regardless of how much time you’d spend with a given person if they lived nearby, relationships atrophy when distance comes between you. The longer someone you care […]

FriendFeed’s Real Purpose

At this point, FriendFeed’s real purpose is to give users a glimpse of what’s to come for social networking in the future. More specifically, FriendFeed has now become a way to test future Facebook features before they make it to Facebook. I think it’s really cool that FriendFeed is providing this service, but it’s also […]