Trickle Down is a Lie

Our economy can be safe and effective only if it is governed by rules. Some capitalists actually don’t care about other people, their communities or the future. Their behavior, if left unchecked, has a massive effect on everyone else. When Wal-Mart or McDonald’s or any other guy like me pays workers the minimum wage, that’s […]

Feminists With Masculine Digits

A study just surfaced that proposes a potential explanation for the “Feminist Paradox” whereby feminists purport to speak for all women, while relatively few women are feminists. The study basically says that it’s because the organizers of feminist movements are more masculine than most women, and thus are more annoyed than the general population of […]

The World Needs a Federation

As I sit watching Iraq disintegrate due to the centuries-old centrifugal forces of religion and racism, I’m struck by a troubling idea. There are many places in the world with millions of people who can be frothed and recruited to kill their brothers and sisters (and their children) under the banners of religious and racial […]

My Current Thoughts on Immigration

The situation on the Texas border has set new fire to the immigration debate. It’s been called an immigration crisis, but in truth it’s more of a refugee crisis, with the decayed infrastructure of a nearby country being the cause. Specifically in this case there are gangs in El Salvador that are threatening children, and […]

The Two Reasons There’s No Peace in Israel / Palestine

People have debated for decades about why there hasn’t been a solution to the Israel / Palestine issue. Allow me to simplify down to two truths that trump all others: Israel will never accept any solution that sees Palestinians in control of the land they believe God gave to them. The Palestinians are not prepared […]

CNN vs. BBC: Profit vs. Service

I am disgusted every time I click a video on and am forced to watch an advertisement. It’s supposed to be news. What’s next, library books? The situation is made more obvious when you compare it to the BBC website where, when you click a video, it plays the news. To poke a stick […]

BBC > American News Because of Conflicting Incentives

The BBC has a history of stating, as a matter of policy, that it refuses to cover certain stories, or cover them in a certain way, because of how it will affect the country. Some examples: Not going overly into how murderer’s did their work, to avoid glamorizing them Not endlessly playing tragedy stories because […]

Do Groups of People Get What They Deserve?

I just found out that the latest Transformers movie made many times more money than a recent sci-fi film by Tom Cruise, Edge of Tomorrow. This was deeply disturbing to me. In a very real way, I don’t want to live in a world where this is possible. And yet we have a blame loop […]

The Right to Forget…Crimes

From Yahoo Finance: The European Union’s new law giving people a “right to be forgotten,” which requires Google to remove links to information about them, is having exactly the effect its critics predicted: It is censoring the internet, giving new tools that help the rich and powerful (and ordinary folk) hide negative information about them, […]