Obama Speaks Like an Atheist

Some excellent rhetoric on how a pluralistic government must rely on policy that can be interpreted by all people, not just people of one particular faith-or even any faith. :: [ Edited for clarity. ]

My Message to Those Claiming Obama’s Betrayed His Promises

If you expected Obama to run into office and change everything he promised in a few months than you’re simply ignorant. Let’s give him a couple of years to get his major promises through, as these things take time to sell if you don’t want to be instantly marginalized. If he still hasn’t come through […]

Obama, You’re Disappointing Me a Bit

Ok, so I’m not well-versed enough to make an intelligent call on the budget issue. There are smart people on both sides who’ve spent decades studying the economy, and they still disagree. So I’ll leave that alone. But there are a few issues that I flatly dislike Obama’s stance on: The Drug War: His flippant […]

Catholics Use Obama as an Example of Why Not to Have an Abortion

I find this both humorous and depressing at the same time. Humorous because it’s such a ridiculous argument, and depressing because it’s not meant as a joke. The argument is that one should never have an abortion, even if the odds of the child having a successful life are extremely low. Why? Because one of […]

A Young Obama

Wow, such interesting pictures. Many will probably wince at the clearly non-professional look of the images, but I think if we posted some content from other Presidents’ lives during the same time it’d likely be much worse. Check out the full image over at theonlinephotographer.typepad.com. ::

Obama’s Race Helped Him Make The Cut, Not Win the Game

Many said during the elections that Obama got to where he is because he is black. They were right in one sense, but they confuse the issue. Obama race helped him much earlier on than most people think. He was lucky to be picked from a crowd of thousands of lesser political figures who needed […]