A Possible Text Editor Change for 2012?

I’m considering making an attempt to move from TextMate to MacVim/Janus as my main text editor. I have a few main things I do with TextEdit that I need to be able to (mostly) replicate: Git integration with my website (I use git to do all updates) Snippets Blog integration (I use TextMate to do […]

Stop whining and start hiring remote workers | 37signals

Every day I read a new article about some company whining about how hard it is to hire technical staff. Invariably it turns out that they’re only looking for people within a commuters distance of their office. I refuse to feel sorry for such companies. If we were only trying to hire in Chicago, we’d […]

New PC Setup Steps

There are a few things that are near as matters necessary when getting setting up a new computer. This is the PC version of this article: Linux Tools: install tools so that you can do things like ls and grep without going insane SysInternals Tools: have these available wherever you are in the command line […]

New Mac Setup Steps

There are a few things that are near as matters necessary when getting setting up a new computer. This is the Mac version of this article: Install customized shell files Homebrew: get all your opensource packages via the command line RVM: keep your Ruby enviornment up to date and pivot between versions Little Snitch: see […]

Disambiguation of the ‘Women in Technology Problem

As with most Internet debates, the heat to light ratio in the ‘Women in Technology’ discussion is rather poor. The problem is that we never actually get to have a single, complete discussion without it turning into a related one. Here are a few of the points that people seamlessly pivot between during this discussion, […]

Siri as a Major Threat to Google | TechCrunch

Schmidt’s argument—a highly cogent and persuasive piece of propaganda—is dead-on: In the narrative arc of Google’s story, Siri is indeed a significant development. In fact, Siri is arguably the most significant development in Google’s story since, well, the advent of Google. Sure, this story includes Facebook, the social web juggernaut that Google failed to see […]

The Information Ages

Historian Robert Darnton says there have been four great Information Ages in all human history, where a new technology has transformed how we communicate and interact—and he goes back to 4000 BC Mesopotamia for the first of these, the invention of writing. Then comes movable type, then mass steam-powered printing of the Industrial Age that […]

Introduction to Databases – Stanford University

A bold experiment in distributed education, “Introduction to Databases” will be offered free and online to students worldwide during the fall of 2011. Students will have access to lecture videos, receive regular feedback on progress, and receive answers to questions. When you successfully complete this class, you will also receive a statement of accomplishment. Taught […]

E. Coli and the Internet | DISCOVER Magazine

The reason the bacterium works so well, Doyle finds, is that it is organized in much the same way as the Internet. Both the Internet and E. coli are conceptually organized like a bow tie, with a broad fan of incoming material flowing into a central knot and then flowing into another broad fan of […]