The Fix for America’s Democracy

Image from Everyone seems to know the American experiment is failing, but what we’re not hearing is a crisp reason followed by a solution. Allow me to propose one. The two conflicting forces There are two primary forces in motion within human individuals and human societies: The Selfish Forces are given to us by […]

Google and Big Brother

This isn’t one of those “Google is the NSA” posts. Well, it kind of is. The way the Government ends up with all our shit is not through some massive raid where we hand over all our passwords against our will. The numbers don’t add up. There’d be too many unhappy people — as in […]

More on Socialism and Libertarianism

A few days ago I wrote a post about government that I thought was moderately decent. An online buddy, Jon Robinson, pointed me to the following article that I consider to be most excellent. [ Libertarianism and Cultural Differences ] Here’s an excerpt: Whatever the cultural conditions and preferences of a people, no matter how […]

Socialism, Anarchy and Ideal Government

The goal of socialism should be to iterate itself out of existence. Its purpose is to keep negative aspects of human behavior in check for the common good, but only temporarily. Socialism is a control system necessitated by the presence of severe human flaws. This is to say, if any semblance of equality is to […]

What “Net Neutrality” Is, and Why it Matters

Net Neutrality is one of the most important challenges facing civilization as a whole right now, yet most people don’t even know – let alone care – about it. Here’s my simple summary of the issue, and please be sure to watch (and pass along) the video that comes after it. Radio and newspaper, when […]

More Sickening Than Goatse, Tubgirl, and 2G1C Combined

FUD. If any of these militant Christian candidates get elected (especially Guliani) they’re going to start a war. A big one. Neocons encourage terrorism. Religious extremism encourages violence. As a realist I recognize the need to maintain (and constantly modernize) our military capabilities, but we have to combine that with a drive to stop using […]