Why Google Deserves More Respect Than Apple

Being a design person, I am often angry at Google. They don’t focus enough on interfaces. They lack consistency with their web services. They randomly shut things down. You’ve seen it. It’s frustrating. Apple is stellar with these things, and I like to talk about how brilliant they are when it comes to design and […]

This is Why Google+ Failed

Many thought Google+ was going to curbstomp Facebook. I took one look at the interface and knew it had limited life. Google just doesn’t get how to build a compelling interface for most of its products. Here’s a great example: Hangouts.

Why I Dislike Google Services

People often ask me why I’m so down on Android, and I’ve got a great example for you. I use a Google service called Pagespeed, which is basically their CDN for speeding up websites. It’s quite excellent, like many Google services. The problem is in how it’s managed. For years I’ve been using one particular […]

Android Still Doesn’t Get It

I was at Best Buy recently, and wanted to check out the latest Galaxy S5 from Samsung. The hardware seemed pretty legit. Screen looked great. So I decided to check out the Internet. This is on a demo phone in the middle of Best Buy, you understand.

Android Isn’t Competing with Apple

This picture exemplifies why I use Apple instead of Google for my mobile platform. It reminds me of a single point—Google is an ad company. Apple is not. Apple is a lifestyle company. They obsess over how their products look and feel. They debate and stress and act snotty over the smallest detail, and take […]

Google is the Disruptor

I just read a phenomenal article about Google. https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20131031003105-24171–googlewinseverything-part-1 You want to bring fiber to every home (Google Fiber)? Well, I’ll blanket the world with balloons (Project Loon) serving up WiFi to every square inch of the planet!Larry’s campaign, if successful, will make Caesar, Napoleon, Columbus, the Wright Brothers, the Apollo 11 Mission, the Manhattan […]

Media = AppleTV, Netflix, and AirPlay

I’m a bit impressed right now with that media experience I’m getting with Apple. To be clear, it’s like 20% of what it should be, but damn, that’s pretty good. AirPlay is way better than it sounds when someone describes it. When I sit at home and play music I play it to one of […]

Google+ is Stuck in the Uncanny Valley

Plenty of people have Google+ accounts, but do many people actually use them for being social? Marketing Land reports that online brand management firm Gigya has released new data showing that Google’s social network only accounts for 2% of all social sharing across the web. The most embarrassing part for Google, though, is that LinkedIn […]

Google Serious About Authentication

Google has also thrown its support behind the ChannelID open standard, which aims to secure the cookie on the device that certifies the user has signed in to a service.  The concept puts up a barrier for man in the browser attacks that attempt to sniff and steal cookies as they’re passed to the browser. […]