Markus Ranum: An Idealist To A Fault

Markus Ranum is a highly-respected (for good reason) information security professional who has done a ton of cool stuff during his multiple decades in the field. Most notable to me is the fact that he is the father of the proxy firewall — quite an accomplishment. I actually had an opportunity to exchange a couple […]

More Barbara Bush

In case you’re confused about where Barbara Bush stands on the Katrina crisis, here’s a recent comment she made after visiting ground zero: “And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this (she chuckled slightly)–this is working very well for them.”

Comments Borked

So, yeah…comments are down at the moment. I’m working on it and’ll let you know when they come back online. Edit: Ok, we’re back in business; I had to roll back to version 2.11 of AuthImage, in case anyone cares what the problem was or how I fixed it.

Rival Shiite Militias Fight in Two Cities

This irks me. Here we are supposedly trying to restore peace and stability to a country where the Sunnis are fighting the Shites, and neither like the Kurds. Well it turns out there’s even infighting within the groups that hate each other. In Iraq, fighting breaks out between rival Shiite Muslim militiamen in two cities. […]

Steve Pavlina’s Favorite Meditation

Steve Pavlina’s Favorite Meditation Here’s a simple but powerful meditation exercise you may enjoy. Teaching you the basics of meditation is beyond the scope of this blog entry (maybe someone can post a comment with a link to a meditation primer for those who’ve never done it), but if you’re already familiar with it, I […]

An Illustrated Guide to IPSec

An Illustrated Guide to IPSec For a customer project, I had to dive into the IPSec protocols at a very low level, and it was a real learning experience for me. I’d been using IPSec to set up network-to-network VPNs for a long time,… (Source: Steve Friedl)

The In-Game Halo Talkshow

There’s a new talkshow out now that takes place completely within Halo. It’s nuts. Basically, the guests are players in a game that anyone can join, and while they are in the middle of doing real interviews and content, random players can see that they’re standing still and unload on them. :) They even have […]

GIAC Certifications

Well, it looks like GIAC has come up with their solution to the backlash to dropping the practical requirement for their certifications. They’ve started a new Gold program — a premier version of their certifications that requires that a report be written above and beyond just passing the tests. Basically, when you just take the […]