Anticipating Paper

Introducing Paper from Facebook on Vimeo. I am very much anticipating Paper, by Facebook. I’ve used several apps that almost got me there, and I’m currently using Feedly. Can’t wait to see what they put out.

The Reason Google is Terrified of Facebook

Image from Most who follow the tech industry know that Google and Facebook are in the throes of mutual combat, but few seem to see the strategic reason that Google is so deathly afraid of Facebook. Google is Google, right? They’re invincible! Who could possibly threaten them in search, right? Well, that’s missing the […]

If You’re Blogging on Facebook, Stop It

I have a number of friends who actually post insightful ideas and comments on Facebook, and they do so semi-regularly. It’s an absolute waste of time and creative energy. If you’re actually writing anything you value, to any degree, and doing so consistently, you should be doing it on an actual blog–not on Facebook. Here […]

Facebook Could Crush Google

Google’s business strength was simply taken for granted; so much so that even deep-pocketed competitors like Yahoo and Microsoft stopped trying to outdo Google’s massive scale and core algorithmic know-how. And that’s why I used to think that Google was unstoppable. Until I realized one very important thing: despite the fact that Google goes to […]

Facebook is a Ponzi Scheme | Joseph Perla

Have you ever bought a Facebook ad? I have. I have talked to many, many people who have. We have spent hundreds, many have spent thousands or even more, experimenting with Facebook ads. They are worthless. Nobody ever looks at them, and nobody ever clicks on them. I just talked to someone who was trying […]

Facebook Adds Face Detection To Photos

This afternoon Facebook saw the first improvement to its photo application thanks to its recent acquisition of Divvyshot: the addition of face detection to photos. Now when you upload photos to various areas of the site, including the homepage, you should be able to instantly tag your friends without clicking on them in the actual […]