The Best Way For a Regular Person to Save the World

It’s hard for regular people to save the world. We’re facing over-population, pollution, climate change, natural disasters, famine, the potential for nuclear holocaust — just to pick a few of the big ones. Presidents and other heads of state have some power to influence the world, but relying on them obviously isn’t getting us anywhere. […]

The Unity Machine

A while back I wrote about an idea for a machine that could be used to bring the world together. I lost that post, so here’s the idea again. [ Edit: I found my first post! I had named it “The Unity Machine”, just like this one. So this second one came up as “the-unity-machine-2″, […]

Learning Machines

A while back I wrote about the theoretical use of an “experience” machine that could become part of citizenship in the future. The idea was that the machine would allow us to tap into other peoples’ experiences from around the world. We’d be able to see as they see, live as they live, and most […]

Paying People To Be Good Parents

< p style=”text-align: center”> New York is rolling out a new program where they pay poor people to take care of their children. The experimental program, called Opportunity NYC, is modeled on a 10-year-old Mexican program called Oportunidades, which has been so successful in reducing poverty in rural areas that it has been adopted by […]

Atheistic Societies Are Happy Societies

According to a major study there’s a very strong correlation between atheism and societal health. Here are the most non-religious countries in the world, according to the findings: Sweden Vietnam Denmark Norway Japan Czech Republic Finland France South Korea Estonia From the paper: High levels of organic atheism are strongly correlated with high levels of […]

“Seems To Be Malfunctioning” — Whorf, From STNG

When one society’s prisons look better than another’s average living quarters, you have a problem. I mean this is just insane. The gyms are better than our YMCA, and the living facilities are like ultra-high-end apartments. It makes me sick to think that this type of thing is possible while the U.S. is speeding toward […]