The Two McCain Videos That Obama’s Campaign Should Be Using

The problem with McCain isn’t his age or his approach to taxes; it’s his virtual promise to engage in more war and his willingness to lie to get what he wants. If you hate Obama for whatever reason, that’s fine–vote for Bobb Bar (libertarian) or Chuck Baldwin (constitutional). Or hell–write in Ron Paul. Just don’t vote for McCain.

But don’t listen to me; watch the videos of McCain lying to you. It’s not out of context, and it’s not a trick. It’s John McCain promising war, being caught in outright lies, and in the case of the Confederate flag, admitting to a complete lack of integrity.

Just watch.

Forget Obama. Him getting elected isn’t nearly as important as McCain NOT getting elected. Please send these videos to your undecided and/or non-brainwashed, McCain-supporting friends.:

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